Dr. Christopher Murdock, Ph.D.



B.S., 2009, Chemistry, Kentucky Wesleyan College
Ph.D., 2014, Inorganic Chemistry, University of Tennessee-Knoxville


Chris Murdock was born in Ft. Worth, Texas and, after making a move to Sturgis, Kentucky, stayed close to home and attended Kentucky Wesleyan College. After receiving his BS in chemistry from Kentucky Wesleyan, Chris started graduate school early at the University of Tennessee – Knoxville to pursue his PhD in inorganic chemistry. He completed his graduate work under Prof. David. M Jenkins and studied the rational design and synthesis of flexible metal-organic frameworks (MOFs).

Research Interests

Research focuses on the design of porous materials for adsorption and separation applications. Adsorption properties of porous materials, in particular MOFs, can be fine-tuned through linker modification, whether it’s through inducing flexibility or introducing additional adsorption sites in a pre-determined manner. Studying the impact modifying porous materials has on the material’s adsorption properties will allow for a better understanding on how we can create highly selective adsorbents.


2014 Gleb Mamantov Graduate Chemistry Scholar
2013 Graduate Fellowship for Achievement in Inorganic Chemistry
2012 C.W. Keenan Oustanding Teaching Award