Paul Schoenecker, Ph.D.


B.S., 2006, Chemical Engineering, Kansas State University


Paul Schoenecker grew up in Sedgwick, Kansas. In May 2006, he received a BS degree from Kansas State University in Chemical Engineering. Paul then went to work for Fisher Controls LLC in Marshalltown, Iowa. Through May 2007, he served as a sales engineer for the oil and gas industry. Paul was then employed by Archer Daniels Midland as a production assistant in Des Moines, Iowa. Where he oversaw projects and acted as a shift supervisor for the soybean oil refinery. Then, Paul joined the Walton Group at Kansas State University in May 2008 and accompanied Dr. Walton in the transition to the Georgia Institute of Technology in August 2009.

Research Interests

Paul’s research focuses on the development of metal-organic-frameworks for reactive adsorption applications. He is pursuing novel MOFs by attempting to synthesize new structures via post-synthetic modification of previously developed frameworks. Post-synthetic modification can potentially allow us to directly customize MOFs, providing pore structures better suited for selective adsorption.

Personal Interests

Paul enjoys multiple hobbies including hunting upland game, waterfowl, and turkey. He is also interested in classic car restoration, weight lifting, and fishing.