IGA-3 Sorption System

Gravimetric adsorption instrument capable of measuring adsorption isotherms of vapors and gases at pressure up to 20 bar and temperature over 100C.


Micromeritics 3Flex

Walton Labs have two 3Flex instruments. One is equipped with cryostat and is capable of adsorption measurements at cryogenic temperatures. 3 ports per instrument allow multiple samples to be tested at the same time.

Quadrasorb BET System

Physisorption at cryogenic temperatures for determining surface areas, pore volumes, and pore size distributions of porous solids. The unit has 4 ports to allow testing of 4 different samples at the same time.

Netzsch TGA with Q-MS

Thermogravimetric analyzer equipped with quadrapole mass spec.


Multicomponent Adsorption Analyzer

Custom-built unit for measuring adsorption equilibrium of complex mixtures.

Pressure Decay Cell

Custom-built system for measuring pure-component adsorption equilibrium data.

Shimadzu Gas Chromatograph

Includes autosampler and flame ionization detector

Specialty Gas Lab

Special facility for handling toxic gases including sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, NOx, and chlorine.

Toxic Gas Manifold

Gas manifold connected to gas cabinets in the Specialty Gas Lab. All cabinets and the entire laboratory is connected to a centralized gas monitoring alert system.


Midas Sensors

Midas sensors for continuous, online monitoring of air quality in the Specialty Gas Laboratory.

Programmable Ovens

Useful for synthesis procedures or reactions requiring temperature ramps.

Convection Ovens

Set-point ovens for material syntheses.